One Stop Shop
For Sales And Operations


✓ Access to Approved Plans and Permits

✓ Ability to Upload Installation And Site Evaluation Progress Photos

✓ SMS Customer Contact History

✓ Tasks, Reminders, And Centralized Communication

✓ Operations Pipeline Progress Bar Per Project

✓ Detailed project pipeline from start to PTO with monitoring stage included

✓ Customer Portal To View The Status Of Installation

✓ Activate And Set Up A Crew. Create Weekly Crew Schedules. Crew Update Notes History.

✓ Audit Entire History Of Project.

Installer's Portal Viewing Scheduled Jobs
Customer Portal Showing Project Status


✓ Automated Generation and Email-Delivery of Contracts and Proposals

✓ Docusign, Credit Check and SMS integrations

✓ End-to-End Site Survey To Approved Plans

✓ Flexible And Accurate Pricing And Commission Options With In-House Financing.

✓ Search And Create Proposals

✓ Create And Manage Leads

✓ Create Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly And Yearly Reports

✓ Modify Commissions And Pricing

✓ Add/Edit Fields and Filters

✓ Export Proposals And Reports

✓ Convert A Sold Deal


Platform Overview

DMS Toolbar
  • Team tasks

    Team tasks can be assigned by the supervisor for each employee to complete and mark completed. This can help the team stay organized.

  • Schedule Installations & Inspections

    Schedule field operations with a click of a button. Stay updated about progress with pictures and email reminders with links to view status in the pipeline.

  • Customer Communication

    Communicate with the customer from DMS using SMS messages. See conversation history for each lead across multiple departments.

Project Pipeline
Proposal Creations
  • Leads

    Section for organizing all the leads with their name, proposals, SMS status, site evaluation, conversion date, and more. Gives the option for credit approval to move forward with creating a proposal. Automated emails for onboarding, reminders for the next step in pipelines are provided along with a status link to update about the status of the project.

  • Proposals

    Section to organize proposals with multiple fields, including name, proposal type, status, pipeline, pipeline step, and more. Can create your own filter options. Proposals can be automatically generated once provided certain parameters. DocuSign integration helps minimize time spent manually sending legal documents to obtain signatures from leads.

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